Real Detox is a 93-page eBook that includes my personal battle with toxicity, how toxins are tied to disease, a daily detox strategy, and more!

“After years of seminars, patient consultations, and writing, I still have people ask me about my experience with heavy metals and detoxing. Colleagues, patients, and readers alike all want to know what led me to a heavy metal detox, what I did in response, and how it made a difference.

It’s taken me some time to really sit down and put it all together, because no story exists in a vacuum. There’s more to my background than a simple protocol sheet can convey, and a true detoxification is executed in more than a step by step guideline. I want to walk you through my personal experience with heavy metals, the varying levels and mechanisms of toxicity, and the recourse that we have against the symptoms that ensue.

More than just telling you what to do, I want you to become empowered to recognize the effects of toxins in your life and take the necessary steps to eliminate them. But first, I want you to know you are not alone.”